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Arabic Majlis

The term Majlis is also used to consult a personal location where friends, by and large male, are got and entertained.[3] normally, the room has cushions positioned around the partitions where the viewers sit down, both with the cushions placed directly on the floor or upon a raised shelf.

in many Arab houses, the majlis is the meeting room or front parlor used to entertain visitors. In Saudi Arabia, the decoration of the majlis within the residence is generally the responsibility of the females of the apartment, who both adorn the field themselves or barter with other females to do it for them. within the Asir Province and in neighboring components of Yemen, geometric designs and vivid colours are utilized in “majlis painting” or nagash painting. The time period majlis is used to consult a private location where house guests and associates are acquired and entertained. due to the fact hospitality is taken significantly, many households take delight in making their visitors relaxed when travelling.

within the UAE, the Majlis used to be at the start a tent set aside for social gatherings. This then grew to be a room with a ground protected with palm fronds. The mats have been ultimately changed by means of handmade carpets made from camel, sheep or goat wool that Bedouin ladies made. At a later stage, natural Arab ‘Tekay’ (Arabic cushions) have been introduced with a long rectangular day mattress that covers the corners of Majlis that Emiratis known as ‘Doshak’, as visitors might take a seat conveniently for hours.

despite the fact that Majlis is an essential function of each household, the doshak is frequently positioned within the core of the Majlis for the only real use of VIPs and the head of the household.

Majlis or Diwania is restrained to guys best as ladies are strictly prohibited to enter, due to devout and social principles. in the Majlis you may also discover a specified stove referred to as “Kawar” which is used to make espresso.

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