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Curtains Dubai- A Definition of Elegance

Wondering what kind of curtains you should buy? You’ve come to the right place. provides various styles with versatility.

Choosing the curtain styles for your room or home can be a challenging process. There are many factors to consider like which type of curtains are best, difference between box pleat and pinch pleat curtains, etc.


Types of Curtains


  •         Pinch pleat  curtains
  •         Box pleat curtains
  •         Goblet pleat curtains
  •         Pencil pleat curtains
  •         Eyelet curtains
  •         Rod-pocket curtains

Pleated Curtains

A style you want that’s traditional or formal then our pleated curtains is your best bet. These curtains are made with thicker and heavier fabrics. Select our type of pleat based on the look you want to achieve for your room.

Our pinch pleat curtains are the most popular kind of pleated curtains as the pleats are stitched and pinched at the top, allowing the folds of the fabric to flow below and create an elegant look.

Our curtains range from two-finger pleats to five-finger pleats.

Use these types of curtains in master bedrooms, sitting rooms or entertaining rooms.

Box Pleat

We provide box pleat curtains for dining rooms, lounges for bedrooms. The folds run deep across the entire length of fabric, providing full coverage with a tailored appearance.

Goblet Pleat

Our goblet pleat curtains are perfect for large, formal rooms with high ceilings. Their name originates from the resemblance to goblet or a wine glass. Due to the delicate structure of the pleats, this style should remain still and can be used to frame and decorate the window.

Pencil Pleat

We have pencil pleat curtains with thinner and single pleats that make them easier to work with different curtain hooks or rods. Pencil pleats are more casual than goblet or box pleat curtains. They’re perfect for bedrooms or living rooms as they don’t require much formality.

Eyelet Curtains

Our eyelet or grommet curtains are a contemporary and modern style. Open rings are used to support the panels as the rings allow you to open or close the curtains. This is why our panels are an excellent choice for bedrooms.

Note that your curtain hardware will be visible through the grommets, so make sure to use curtain rods that are aesthetically pleasing to your eye.

Rod-Pocket Curtains

These curtains are made of lightweight or sheer fabrics. They are also easy to assemble. Just lose the curtain rod through the pocket in the fabric and your work will be done

Our pocket curtains pair well with a blackout curtain. Make sure that these panels are compatible with thinner curtain rods. Therefore, our product is best for casual decoration, so it’s best not to open or close them frequently.

Why choose us over others?

At we provide a versatile variety of curtains with sleek and elegant looks providing an eye-catching contact. Our guests will never leave your curtains unseen and you won’t regret buying from us as our motive is to have customer’s satisfaction.