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Curtains Rods


curtains rods

Curtains are generously more than just a window dressing, they give shading, surface, style and excitement to each room in the house. There are such colossal quantities of choices and choices that we as often as possible don’t understand where to start. Wrap bars and finials, tie backs and trims all add to the choices available while picking window prescriptions for your home.


There’s a considerable amount more to picking the perfect match of blinds than finding the right surface. Wrap headers impact the outward presentation, and we have three options.

tick stamp in DubaiEyelet – an unquestionable and contemporary look that gives a smooth effect and broad, even wrinkles. Peruse six shading decisions to enhance your window adornments, dazzle post and inside elaborate topic.

tick check in DubaiPinch Pleat – an adorning heading with wrinkles sewn in for an unending overlay and a uniquely crafted culmination.

tick stamp in DubaiPencil Pleat – a customary visually impaired heading that gathers the surface for a full and luxurious look.

Drapery TRACKS

Drapery tracks are used to hold up the shade and are normally settled to the divider over the window. They were an amazing creation and have made shutting window decorations an essential and basic process. They keep the visually impaired looking shrewd when it is drawn or when the window trimmings are stacked back.


A pelmets are made to check, our pellet boxes are delivered utilizing wood by then padded and solicited in your favored surface. This is a mind boggling decision if you have to cover shade tracks and shields additional light from soaking the room. You may need to go for an undeniably standard look which can be cultivated by having a sensitive valance pelmet – straight or framed, each with a choice of pencil or press wrinkle to organize your window adornments.

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