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Moroccan Majlis– Gateway to your comfort

If you are planning to decorate your house in a unique, yet traditional style then we suggest you go for Moroccan majlis. has designed a product line for Moroccan majlis in the light of Morocco’s architectural treasures. Our Moroccan majlis innovation and driven by creativity and passion that has been constantly modernizing and protecting the timeless cultural heritage of Morocco at the same time.

You can be assured of the distinctiveness of our Moroccan majlis because they are completely different from classics majlis found in Dubai. We have designed our Moroccan majlis with a low-ground, armless, and cushioned bench-like seat. They are perfect for social gatherings as they generate a welcoming ambience with a cozy feel. You can either arrange the seating across an entire wall or two adjacent walls or circle the entire room like an arena with single row seating.


Broad Collection of Moroccan Majlis

We store a huge amount of traditional Moroccan majlis which includes low reaching Moroccan majlis, ottomans and divans. Our entire products are enriched with colors and patterns that are a signature to Moroccan culture. We are sure that our products will leave you astonished with its depiction of ancient Moroccan culture and the comfort that is found in contemporary styled furniture.

Elegant and Cozy Moroccan Majlis Sofas

We do not let our customers compromise on the basic features of upholstery. Our Moroccan majlis comes with sophistication as well as comfort of that of modern day recliners. Every piece from our store of Moroccan majlis tends to act as focal points. The long Moroccan majlis sofas not only make a relaxed seating but also offer best possible durability. 

Our Moroccan majlis are liked by people of every culture.  We have many style preferences including those who enjoy warm, rich color palates find our range equisetic. We also stock a range of color options so you can pick the colors that are visually striking.

 We also let our customers try out with different shades or accessories such as cushions from our Moroccan majlis and choose the mixture that goes with the rest of their interiors.

Why choose over others?


  •         We stock the high-quality of Moroccan majlis at affordable rates. 
  •         We offer a wide range of Moroccan majlis to choose from.
  •         We have many shops located all over Dubai with the vast variety of Moroccan majlis for sale.
  •         We also offer customized Moroccan majlis through our bespoke services.
  •         We provide door step services of samples and deliver all across Dubai.

Our work is fast and reliable. We have been presenting the best deals and products. Our preference of varieties is wide. The unique designs and popularity are another reason for eternalness in our lives. 

We provide the versatility of color schemes in our Moroccan Majlis designs such as terracotta, white blur, and red to give your majlis a natural look.

Our motive is to promote culture along with customers’ satisfaction.

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